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Expanding Your Living Space Outside

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If you're looking to transform your garden, there are various options to consider. Sometimes, all it takes is a new fence to give your garden that perfect look.
The right fence can enhance the overall aesthetic and create a sense of privacy, on the other hand, if you're not looking for a complete garden makeover, a simple coat of paint can work wonders in refreshing the appearance of your existing fence.
However, if you only require a fence installation service, we are here to assist you with that as well, our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your garden needs, whether it's a complete transformation or just a small upgrade, we are here to help you achieve your vision.

A lick of paint, a new fence or complete makeover.

Premium Close Board Panel.
With concrete posts and gravel boards
Standard Lap Panel.
With concrete posts and gravel boards
Premium Curved Lattice Top Panel.
With concrete posts and gravel boards

Fence Types & Styles

Sometimes all that's needed is a lick of paint! check out some of our before and after fence photos, some are a complete garden makeover, some are a fence install but others are purely just a fence repaint service. Take a look and see the difference a fence condition can make to the appearance of a property or garden.
Custom Made Slatted Fence.
Made to size on site and painted charcoal black.
Roof Top Terrace
Curved Lattice Top Fence
This one took 4 flights of stairs to get resources, materials and waste to and from the project location, it may be enough to put some fence installers off...
Custom Trellis Fence
We raised and levelled this garden but it left a bit of a dangerous drop for the elderly resident of the home so we installed this custom trellis fence for safety and acts as a great focal point for the small garden.
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