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Box Hedge Caterpillar

Box Hedge Caterpillar

Act Quick! as soon as you see the little holes appearing on the Box Hedge.

A quick, affordable and effective way to rid your Box Hedge of these hungry caterpillars eating the plant is to pour warm soapy water on the plant twice per day for approximately 1 week.
Once you no longer see the tiny caterpillars and eggs on the plant it should revive itself so long as it hasn’t been eaten too much.

Conifer Grey Patch

Grey Patches On Conifers.

This could be due to a number of reasons.
Infestation, disease, excessive cutting back or adverse growing conditions.
Only cut back 2 or 3 times from April to early August. Don’t allow ground to bog out.
If you act quick enough it may revive so long as any disease, infestation or other adversities are attended to first.
Mulch and feed around the roots and feed it during winter, some moist compost around the roots for winter would also be a good idea.

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What time to water plants?

What is the best time to water plants?

You should water your outside plants in the early morning or late evening.

This allows time for the water to reach the roots before it is evaporated by the sun.
The water droplets can also burn the leaves whilst drying in the sun.